So much glue…

Have you ever had at least 5 different kinds of glue sitting on your desk, each with a very specific purpose and recently used? That’s where I’ve been lately. Glue, feathers, chopsticks, marbles, lists upon lists, jack-o-lantern doodles, tiaras and paper. What in the world am I doing, you ask?

I’m having a Harry Potter masquerade ball. Like any other normal 30 year old does on Halloween. Ahem…

But seriously, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I take my Halloweens very seriously. Last year we threw a vampire masquerade ball – formal blood-splattered invitations, tiny jack-o-lanterns and the like:


It was actually quite a big to do, honestly. After I finish this Harry Potter party, I’ll come back and talk about how I managed to vamp up the entire house on a super cheap budget.

I do crafts all the time (not just Halloween), and I make cupcakes for friends’ birthdays/baby showers/special events/just because events. I’ve had a few folks ask if I would start a blog, and I actually had this one already. So here I am doing the blog thing again. 🙂 There are some posts from the past that I deleted (in case this isn’t your first visit here — and if that’s the case, HI! And welcome back!), but I’m hoping this will turn into a regularly updated blog on crafts, baking, geeky things, probably a few pugs, and any other fun thing I come across. Thanks for dropping by! More Halloween and Harry Potter updates are coming soon.


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